Saturday, 8 July 2017

Get Your Free Payoneer Account and Debit Card and $25 Reward Free

Payoneer is a splendid provider to be used by freelancers. They provide you with a free card that you may use in your nearby ATM to withdrawal your earnings. You can easily received or send funds from your payoneer card. You can received your funds from different freelancing sites like fiverr, freelancer, odesk, elance etc. Payoneer offer better US Dollar exchange rates. In addition they facilitate you by using their “US Payment Service Option”. Using this option , you can get your own personal account in Bank of America. You'll be allocated a bank account number and routing number as well, which will be used in receiving US payments. All your amount/funds/earning will be loaded in your payoneer debit card.

Payoneer offer two types of loading: Immediate loading whose fees is $3 and normal loading will charge you $1. You can withdrawal your funds through ATM or you can transfer them directly in your local Pakistani bank account.

Payoneer is offering its services in Pakistan as well, so, you can get your payoneer debit card in Pakistan with legit way.

So get ready. Today we are going to share with you step by step procedure to get your very own Payoneer card.
1- First go to payoneer login page by clicking Here.

payoneer debit card free account

You will see a display screen, click on orange "Sign Up" button.

2- Fill the form correctly by entering your first and last name, email and date of birth. Please use your working email address and other details as per your CNIC. Click on next button.

3- Now you need to provide your contact details. Enter your resident address. Double check the address because you will received your card on this address.Also provide your real mobile phone number. Click next.

4- Now set your password and security questions. Note them down in a safe place which is accessible to you only. You may need these security questions and answers in any later stage to prove your originality. Click on next.

5 - Now you need to complete the verification process. Select the verification identification from cnic, passport or driver’s license and enter the cnic/passport/driver’s license. You need to upload the scanned copies in later stage. to complete the verification process and to activate your card once it received to you.

check all the last three boxes related to their policies and then click on "ORDER" button

All completed !! Now you'll receive an e mail notifying you that they have obtained your info and will review in next 3-5 working days. After the review process is completed they will send your card to your mailing address through regular mail service free of cost. Normally card delivery time is 15-20 days but it can take upto 1 month as well.

Okay you will received a letter with the payoneer card in it. The letter contain the instruction which you need to follow.

First you need to go to You need to enter the username and password to login. Username is the email address you used to create this account and password is the same you choose while creating your account. After entering these credentials click on login button. Now you are in your payoneer account dashboard.

Choose your PIN by going on setting section. After selecting the PIN your account is fully active and ready to work.

Please note that if you join from my link you are eligible for free $25 reward once you received total of $100 in your account. Be careful that this need to be done within first year of registration of card. Don't worry you can easily achieved this by working on fiverr or other freelancing sites. I recommend fiverr because it's easy for newbies. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Join Pak Air Force Latest 2017 Jobs

Do you have a dream to join Pak Air Force PAF. Here is your time. Latest Pak Air Force jobs are announced.

join Pak Air Force

Pakistan Air Force offers
Permanent commission in general duty pilot, engineering and air defence branches
Special purpose short service commission (SPSSC) in engineering and education branches
Short service commission (SSC) in general duty pilot (female), information technology, accounts and met branches

Join Pak Navy Latest Jobs 2017

Do you have a dream to join Pak Navy and serve your country. Here is your starting point. Read the complete post and you will have the complete understanding of recruitment process, eligibility criteria, important dates and latest job openings.
First start with ways of joining Pakistan Navy. You can join by permanent commission as PN cadet or through short service commission (SSC) or by direct entry sailor.

join Pak navyJoin Pak Navy as PN Cadet

Pakistan Navy allows entry of PN cadets twice a year for two years cadet training. Only male and unmarried Pakistani nationals can apply.
Age limit: 16 years and 6 month to 21 years
Height: 5'4''
Education: 60% marks in HSSC/A-level with followng course combinations
  • Physics, Maths, Chemistry
  • Physics, Maths, Computer Science
  • Physics, Maths, Statistics

General Ineligibility to apply for Pak Army Jobs

Following are the ineligibility conditions. Read them carefully before applying.
  • Any candidate twice rejected by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board is ineligible to apply for Pak Navy jobs.
  • Tested within 04 months and was declared not recommended
  • Tested within 01 year validity period.
  • Withdrawn from any Academy / Training Institution of Armed Forces on any ground. 
  • Any candidate declared Permanently unfit or medically unfit due to Hepatitis B & C.
  • Debarred from Government Service or from Armed Forces.
  • Convicted from Court for moral turpitude offence.
  • Any candidate who tempered his original academic certificates.

 Stay tuned! We will post here the latest job openings of 2017.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Join Pak Army Latest Pak Army Jobs Opening 2017

Majority of Pakistani youth dreams to serve his nation by joining Pak Army. We at MMOP will try to explain you in simple and easy way how you can join Pak Army. You can join Pak Army either by PMA Long Course or by Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC) in AMC/ADC or by Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC).

Join Pak Army

You can join Pak Army either by PMA Long Course or by Short Service Regular Commission (SSRC) in AMC/ADC or by Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). Here is the list of courses in Pakistan army
·         PMA Long Course
·         Short Service Commission SSC
·         Direct Short Service Commission DSSC
·         Lady Cadet Course LCC
·         Medical Cadet Course MCC

Positions in Pak Army

·         Second Lieutenant
·         Soldier
·         Captain SSC
·         PMA Long Course
·         Medical Cadet (M-Cadet)
·         Female Captain Through Lady Cadet Course

Join Pak Army As Soldier

Pakistan Army Solider Jobs

Join Pak Army by PMA Long Course

All Pakistani national can get regular commission in Pakistan Army through PMA Long Course after intermediate or bachelors. Only unmarried males can apply for this course. 

Candidate's age must be in between 17-22 years for intermediates, 17-23 for 2-years graduates and 17-24 for 4-years graduates, 17-24 years for Serving Army Soldiers. 

Candidates must have % marks in FA/FSc. But if you have 60% marks in BA/BSc, then you apply for PMA long course with 50% marks in FA/FSc.

You must be mentally and physically fit. Minimum height must be 5' - 4" (162.5 cm) and weight should be according to body mass index (BMI). Calculate you BMI here.

Pakistan Military Academy long course is of two years duration.

Join Pak Army by SSRC

For SSRC: maximum age for MBBS candidates can be upto 28 years which can be relaxable upto 35 years. For candidates with higher postgraduate qualifications, maximum age is 32 years (relaxable upto 40 years).

Join Pak Army DSSC 2017

Latest job openings: join Pak Army through DSSC 2017 for following categories: Army Education Corps (AEC), Corps of Ordnance (Ord), Corps of Remount Veterinary and Farms Officers (RV&FC), Psychologist. Maximum age is 28 years as on 1 May 2017.


Join Pak Army with latest 2017 Jobs Opening

Important Dates
Schedule of Registration / Preliminary Tests. Registration and preliminary test will be held as per following schedule:- 
(1) Registration 27 Feb - 24 Mar 2017 (Including Saturday/Sunday) 
(2) Preliminary Test 29 Mar - 20 Apr 2017 (Except Saturday / Sunday Closed Holidays)

See complete details on:


Join Pak Army as Captain

join pak army as captain

dssc pak army
Important dates:
Registration 09 January -03 February 2017

Preliminary Tests 20 February - 24 February 2017

Join Pak Army DSSC 2017

General Ineligibility to apply for Pak Army Jobs

·       Any candidate twice rejected by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ Selection Board is ineligible to apply for Pak Army jobs.
·         Any candidate declared Permanently unfit or medically unfit due to Hepatitis B & C.
·         Debarred from Government Service or from Armed Forces.
·        Withdrawn from any Academy / Training Institution of Armed Forces on any ground. 
·        Convicted from Court for moral turpitude offence.

Registration & Selection Procedure

First thing you need to decide from which course you join Pak Army, then see both of its eligibility and ineligibility criterias and make sure that you fulfill all the requirements. There are two ways through which you can start your career in Pakistan Army. You can either apply by online or you can visit Army Selection and Recruitment Centres (AS&RCs) and apply.

First method is that you can apply online by visiting and fill the form online. You can pay the fees on spot on the day of test.

Second method is by visiting Army Selection and Recruitment Centres (AS&RCs) and fill the form

Documents required for registration

·      Original and 1x attested photocopy of Matric / F.Sc detailed mark sheets.
·     Original and 1x attested photocopy of CNIC or Form-B with guardian CNIC (in case of age less then 18 years).

· 3 x coloured passport size photographs duly attested (front and back) by Principal/Class-1 Gazetted Officer. 

After registration you will be given a roll number slip. Next step is to clear written test. Written test is MCQs based test from English, Maths, Pak Studies, Islamiat and General Knowledge subjects.

If you passed the written test, you are one step closer to final selection and now need to clear the physical test. I advise you t start practising this one month prior to test so that you can easily clear this physical test. Here is the list of physical exercises which will be examined

·         1.6 Km Running in 8 minutes 
·         15 Push Ups 15 repetitions in 2 minutes 
·         20 Sit Ups repetitions in 2 minutes 
·         3 Chin Ups repetitions in 2 minutes 
·         Ditch Crossing - 7’.4” x 7’.4” and 4’ deep.

Practice well to get selected. Start 1 month before. Do slowly and the increase it gradually. You can perform much better from above mentioned exercises.

After clearing physical test you will be called for interview at AS&RC and successful candidates will be called for ISSB test. You will be informed about ISSB test through their website and by call up letter. This is the most difficult part and you can get more information about ISSB from here.

I hope you understand well about how you can join Pak Army. This is the complete procedure. And I wish you good luck for selection and serving the nation. Keep visiting this page as it will be updated and posted every new Pak Army jobs opening.
Good Luck

Friday, 4 November 2016

Make Money with Bitcoin

Today I am going to tell you a great way of making huge passive earning method. Bitcoin is an e-currency whose current worth is $745.

Let us get started with little bit of introduction. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which is proposed by software developer called Satoshi Nakamoto. It is decentralized and independent currency solution. It is not controlled by any government or anybody.

Back in 2009, its starting year, 1 bitcoin was of few cents, and now its equal to $745. I am quoting one interesting thing, in January 2013 1 bitcoin was approximately equal to $4 and within 6 months it reaches to $710. So If you invested $4 in Jan, 2013 you could get the profit of $706 within 6 months. A profit of 17600% percent. HUGE AMOUNT. 

That was just for your interest and to show you the capability of profit in bitcoins. Bitcoins still have great potential, and experts are expecting that it can cross $1000 line easily
Bitcoin Earning

Now this is the right time to work in Bitcoins and make our future secure. Let’s get started. We first start with bitcoin system.

The smallest unit of bitcoin is Satoshi, like the smallest unit of Pakistani Rupees is Paisa.

1 BTC=100,000,000 Satoshi
10 crore satoshi makes 1 bitcoin
Now understand how we write satoshi
0.00000001 = 1 Satoshi
0.00050000 = 50 thousand Satoshi
0.90000000= 9 Crore Satoshi
1.00000000= 10 Crore Satoshi= 1 Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet

First thing you need is a bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallet is a website which store your bitcoins which you purchased or earned free. This is simple concept like your wallet/ purse. There are many wallets available but I recommend you coinbase since its more secure and completely free. To create your account click on this link.
As we created the wallet now we need bitcoins. There are two methods of earning. First is through bitcoin faucets and second is bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are the websites which gives free satoshi after fixed time. This time can be 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day. This is not like the pay to click. You can easily withdrawal these satoshi in your bitcoin wallet. Below is the list of faucets which are real, paying and best in the market. I am also working on these faucets, so you can join without any doubt.


A router is a site consist of many faucets. Its easy to make satoshi with router. I am currently working on EPay. You are also advised to join it. 

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is basically the generation of bitcoins. Mining bitcoin requires lots of experience, investment, equipment, technical knowledge, and staff. It very difficult for us to mine. But there are lots of companies and websites who created their setup and offer us profit on investment. Timing is very important in mining. Invest in sites and try to take your profit back as soon as it reaches to minimum withdrawal limit. 
It is time to invest time and money in bitcoins and make handsome passive earning. Comment below for any query in your mind. If you already working in bitcoin or know any good faucet, router or mining sites in which you invested and received payments, share your experience with this community. Help each other.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Best Part Time Jobs in Karachi for You to Make Extra Money Latest

Part Time Jobs in Karachi are great opportunities for people of Karachi. It will help them to uproot their standard of living. Every person is worried about job and living expenses. The majority of people are living hand to mouth. So think smart and start making extra money by doing part time jobs in Karachi. Student life is the best time to start online part time jobs. Since you are going to do a part time job, so it will help you in paying your fees, fulfill your desires by working on these jobs. Initially, you may get low income, but little money is better than nothing. And if you do regular work you can make your living on these jobs.

Online Part Time Jobs in Karachi

You can start your part time jobs from your home on your personal computer. Here are some ways with which you can start your earning.
  • Pay to click
  • Data Entry
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • Website Development
  • App Development
  • Freelancing
  • Article Writer
  • Making videos on youtube
  • Sell Pictures
  • Buy and Sell domains and websites (like on
  • Virtual Call Center Jobs
  • Telemarketing
  • Online guide and expert
  • Online Tutors
  • Online Courses like coaching on
  • Translator
  • Online Juror
  • Get paid by using Google Qmee
  • Review Products, websites, games and apps online
  • Work as social media marketing expert
  • Sell products online
  • Sell kindle books
  • Sell stories online
I have already discussed in detail in both English and Urdu language for your ease about all above methods of earning. Click on Online Jobs in Pakistan to read these details.

Offline Part Time Jobs

Other then online you can also work offline for part time jobs which is a conventional way of earning extra money. 

Marketing and Sales Jobs

Many companies in Pakistan Especially in Karachi, Lahore and Rawalpindi offers sales and marketing part time jobs.
work as part time jobs in karachi

Part time tuition Jobs

Providing tuition services is the most common way of doing part time jobs in Karachi. Nowadays tuition fees are so high that you can easily make your standard living by three to four tuitions. But it is a seasonal business, so you can't depend completely on it.

Sell your notes to new students. You can also provide copies of your notes. It is a great way of making passive income.

Rental Business

If you are property owner, then you can make extra money by renting out your property. Current situation of population increase in Karachi makes the great opportunity of earning by rent out a room, or your garden, rent out your driveway or garage, rent out your storage space. Also, you can rent your entire house to a film crew.

These are some of the important and best ways of making extra money while living in Pakistan. In this post, we focused on part time jobs in Karachi, but you can also read about online jobs in Pakistan here. Hope you like our effort. You can ask your question in comment section. Share this post with your friends and relatives through social media to help others. 

Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment 2017 Latest Method

Trend of online jobs in Pakistan is increasing day by day because of limiting employment opportunities in Pakistan. But finding an online job relevant to your skill is still a big task and headache.  But you don't need to worry anymore, we, at Make Money Online Pakistan (MMOP) will guide you in right direction. 

The idea of writing this post is to encourage people who are asking how to earn money online in Pakistan, by helping them in identifying the right online jobs for them and guide them. These jobs can be suitable for students, unemployed or employed individuals and even also for housewives.

You can work from home as a part-time or full-time job. You will find here the best information for online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment. So continue reading for work at home jobs in Pakistan.
Before reading the article, please answer these simple questions.
  • Are you unemployed?
  • Are you physically challenged?
  • Are you a college student?
  • Need to make some extra cash?
  • Struggling with the tough economy?
  • Frustrated with all the money-making scams on the web?
  • Do you just want to spend more time with your family?
  • Want to start living the life you've always dreamed of?
If your answer on any of these questions is yes, then you are interested in finding how to earn money online without investment in Pakistan. To answer this, you need to read this article immediately...

Online Jobs in Pakistan

For your ease, we have made an effort to gather the information in the Urdu Language. We hope it will help you in the better understanding of part time online jobs in Pakistan.
Online Jobs in Pakistan for students without investment LATEST 2017 in URDU

Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment

The majority of people are searching for online jobs in Pakistan for students or part time jobs from all the main cities Like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Read theSo, Let's get started; here we will discuss the easy and proven ways of how to earn money online in Pakistan.

Pay to Click

Pay to click is the easiest way of online earning in Pakistan. PTC are the best online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment. You just need to click on ads, view it and receive. PTC sites provide both free and paid memberships to earn. Make as many referrals as possible to get the good earning and be aware of the online scam. You can easily make up to $100 per month with this method.

List of Top 10 Pay to Click sites

To help you in finding legitimate sites, we have collected best top ten pay to click sites that are actually paying and providing their services for a long time. 
  1. Clixsense
  2. Neobux
  3. BuxP
  4. Cash N Hits
  5. Donkey Mails
  6. Gptplanet
  7. Scarlet Clicks
  8. WordLinx
  9. Innocurrent
  10. Cash Camel

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan with Pay To Click sites

Pay to click sites are best online jobs for students. Do you have any doubt, let me show you how?

Visit each site, create a free account and start surfing ads. You will get cents for each ad views, and your daily earning vary from cents to one dollar. Yes, this is the very low amount, but you can earn a lot with their referral system.

Here is the table of earning from one referral.

Ad Types
Daily Ads
Referral Earning ($)
Total ($)
Grand Total


Daily Earning of 1 referral = $0.0178
Monthly Earning of 1 referral = $0.0178 x 30 = $0.534/ month
With having 1 account in 10 different PTC sites= 10 x $0.534 = $5.34/ month
So, Monthly earning of single referral of 10 different PTC Sites = $5.34

Monthly Earning of 20 referrals = 20 x $5.34 = $106.8 / month
For 200 referrals = 200x 5.34 = $1068 / month

Don’t worry; you can make these referrals easily within 1-2 months. If you are convinced with PTC earning then, you can convince other to join PTC sites. You just need to encourage your school or college fellows to make the accounts on PTC sites with your referral. Ask your friends and cousins to join. Join different PTC, make money online groups, general discussion forums, add your referral link in your forum profile signatures and do the regular posting. With little management and hard work you can achieve this target and get even more.

latest online jobs in pakistan

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry job is a very vast field and a great start to work at home jobs in pakistan. Many companies offer these data entry jobs without investment. To understand this here is the list of some of the types of part time data entry jobs.
  • Simple typing jobs
  • Captcha Entry Jobs
  • Form Filling
  • Online Surveys
  • Use and review products
    • Listen and review music
    • Watching videos
    • Review websites
    • Play games
    • Download/Use App and give review
Earning on data entry jobs depends on upon your skills, works, and time you spend. Earning can vary from $100 to $1000 even $10000. 

List of Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Here is the list of companies that provide data entry online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment.


Blogging is one of the best ways of making money online if one does it correctly.  You can start your blog free on BlogSpot or WordPress. Write about the topics on which you have confidence. Make authority of blog, socialize it and bring organic traffic. Then you can monetize your blog via AdSense, infolinks, direct ads or by affiliate marketing. 


If you have any skills, then freelancing is your best point to start. These skills may vary from graphic designing, SEO, marketing, social media, Windows, CMS, WordPress, Blogger and much more; you just name it, and you find a freelancing job for it. There are many platforms for freelancing, but Fiverr is the best to start. 

Popular Freelancing Site

Following are the best freelancing sites for you to start work at home jobs in Pakistan.

Online tutor

If you can teach or coach any class, then online tutoring is a good option for you. Generally, these jobs are offered in all major cities of Pakistan you can contact them and get your job. Call centers in Pakistan are also offering just online tutor jobs. You can view the Sunday newspaper for these jobs in your city. Since this is about online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment, so, students in Pakistan generally can teach tuitions, so why not make this tuition service to work at home jobs in Pakistan, and doing online tutorship will save your fuel and clothing.

Popular Online Tutor Sites

You can also make tutorials or courses and sell online like on These tutorials can be related to academia or any other technical skills. Housewives can make courses on cooking, stitching, and home d├ęcor ideas.

Some other methods of online work at home jobs in Pakistan include: Make money by videos on Youtube and Dailymotion, make money by selling pictures, buy and sell domains, websites or apps on If you have excellent communication skills especially speaking skills with the British or American accent, then you can also try Virtual Call Center jobs.

Make Money with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is very lucrative paradigm. One bitcoin worth $1000+ now a days. Working on bitcoin is very easy and profitable. I my self is working on these sites and I recommend you to work on these sites as well
You don't know about bitcoin and want to understand it. Don't worry I will tell you in detail. I had created a complete post on what is bitcoin and how you can make money with bitcoins. No skills required.

This is the simplest overview of possible online or part-time jobs for students, employed or unemployed persons, men and women of all cities of Pakistan, and also the links to detail information and websites providing these jobs are included in this post. You have read the article on online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment. If you have any confusion, you can ask me in comments. Now its your turn to take action and make money. 

Hope you like this post, and it helps you in getting your online jobs in Pakistan. Keep share this with your friends and family on social media.

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