Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment 2017 Latest Method

Trend of online jobs in Pakistan is increasing day by day because of limiting employment opportunities in Pakistan. But finding an online job relevant to your skill is still a big task and headache.  But you don’t need to worry anymore, we, at Make Money Online Pakistan (MMOP) will guide you in right direction to help you to earn money online in Pakistan. by doing online jobs.

The idea of writing this post is to encourage people who are asking how to earn money online in Pakistan, by helping them in identifying the right online jobs for them and guide them. These jobs can be suitable for students, unemployed or employed individuals and even also for housewives.

You can work from home as a part-time or full-time job. You will find here the best information for online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment. So continue reading for work at home jobs in Pakistan.

Before reading the article, please answer these simple questions.

  • Are you unemployed?
  • Are you physically challenged?
  • Are you a college student?
  • Need to make some extra cash?
  • Struggling with the tough economy?
  • Frustrated with all the money-making scams on the web?
  • Do you just want to spend more time with your family?
  • Want to start living the life you’ve always dreamed of?

If your answer on any of these questions is yes, then you are interested in finding how to earn money online without investment in Pakistan. To answer this, you need to read this article immediately…

Online Jobs in Pakistan

For your ease, we have made an effort to gather the information in the Urdu Language. We hope it will help you in the better understanding of part time online jobs in Pakistan.

Online Jobs in Pakistan for students without investment LATEST 2017 in URDU

Online Jobs in Pakistan for Students without Investment

The majority of people are searching for online jobs in Pakistan for students or part time jobs from all the main cities Like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Read theSo, Let’s get started; here we will discuss the easy and proven ways of how to earn money online in Pakistan.

Pay to Click

Pay to click is the easiest way of online earning in Pakistan. PTC are the best online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment. You just need to click on ads, view it and receive. PTC sites provide both free and paid memberships to earn. Make as many referrals as possible to get the good earning and be aware of the online scam. You can easily make up to $100 per month with this method.

List of Top 10 Pay to Click sites

To help you in finding legitimate sites, we have collected best top ten pay to click sites that are actually paying and providing their services for a long time.

  1. Clixsense
  2. Neobux
  3. BuxP
  4. Cash N Hits
  5. Donkey Mails
  6. Gptplanet
  7. Scarlet Clicks
  8. WordLinx
  9. Innocurrent
  10. Cash Camel

How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan with Pay To Click sites

Pay to click sites are best online jobs for students. Do you have any doubt, let me show you how?

Visit each site, create a free account and start surfing ads. You will get cents for each ad views, and your daily earning vary from cents to one dollar. Yes, this is the very low amount, but you can earn a lot with their referral system.

Here is the table of earning from one referral.

Ad Types Daily Ads Referral Earning ($) Total ($)
Micro 3 0.0002 0.0006
Mini 3 0.0010 0.0030
Standard 3 0.0020 0.0060
Extended 3 0.0020 0.0060
Sticky 22 0.0001 0.0022
Grand Total 0.0178

Daily Earning of 1 referral = $0.0178

Monthly Earning of 1 referral = $0.0178 x 30 = $0.534/ month

With having 1 account in 10 different PTC sites= 10 x $0.534 = $5.34/ month

So, Monthly earning of single referral of 10 different PTC Sites = $5.34

Monthly Earning of 20 referrals = 20 x $5.34 = $106.8 / month

For 200 referrals = 200x 5.34 = $1068 / month

Don’t worry; you can make these referrals easily within 1-2 months. If you are convinced with PTC earning then, you can convince other to join PTC sites. You just need to encourage your school or college fellows to make the accounts on PTC sites with your referral. Ask your friends and cousins to join. Join different PTC, make money online groups, general discussion forums, add your referral link in your forum profile signatures and do the regular posting. With little management and hard work you can achieve this target and get even more.

earn money online in pakistan with latest online jobs

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry job is a very vast field and a great start to work at home jobs in pakistan. Many companies offer these data entry jobs without investment. To understand this here is the list of some of the types of part time data entry jobs.

  • Simple typing jobs
  • Captcha Entry Jobs
  • Form Filling
  • Online Surveys
  • Use and review products
    • Listen and review music
    • Watching videos
    • Review websites
    • Play games
    • Download/Use App and give review

Earning on data entry jobs depends on upon your skills, works, and time you spend. Earning can vary from $100 to $1000 even $10000.

List of Data Entry Jobs without Investment

Here is the list of companies that provide data entry online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment.

  1. Scribie
  3. Casting Words
  4. Transcribe Team
  5. MegaTypers
  6. Captcha2Cash
  7. Cashcrate
  8. SurveySavvy
  9. FusionCash
  10. Paid Surveys atHome
  11. SliceThePie
  12. MusicXRay
  13. RadioLoyalty
  14. HitPredictor
  15. UniqueRewards
  16. SwagBucks
  17. Zoombucks
  18. You-Cubez
  19. SuccessBux
  20. TryMyUI
  21. BingoZone
  22. Exodus3000
  23. WorldWinner
  24. TestBirds


Blogging is one of the best ways of making money online if one does it correctly.  You can start your blog free on BlogSpot or WordPress. Write about the topics on which you have confidence. Make authority of blog, socialize it and bring organic traffic. Then you can monetize your blog via AdSense, infolinks, direct ads or by affiliate marketing.


If you have any skills, then freelancing is your best point to start. These skills may vary from graphic designing, SEO, marketing, social media, Windows, CMS, WordPress, Blogger and much more; you just name it, and you find a freelancing job for it. There are many platforms for freelancing, but Fiverr is the best to start.

Popular Freelancing Site

Following are the best freelancing sites for you to start work at home jobs in Pakistan.

Online tutor

If you can teach or coach any class, then online tutoring is a good option for you. Generally, these jobs are offered in all major cities of Pakistan you can contact them and get your job. Call centers in Pakistan are also offering just online tutor jobs. You can view the Sunday newspaper for these jobs in your city. Since this is about online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment, so, students in Pakistan generally can teach tuitions, so why not make this tuition service to work at home jobs in Pakistan, and doing online tutorship will save your fuel and clothing.

Popular Online Tutor Sites

You can also make tutorials or courses and sell online like on These tutorials can be related to academia or any other technical skills. Housewives can make courses on cooking, stitching, and home décor ideas.

Some other methods of online work at home jobs in Pakistan include: Make money by videos on Youtube and Dailymotion, make money by selling pictures, buy and sell domains, websites or apps on If you have excellent communication skills especially speaking skills with the British or American accent, then you can also try Virtual Call Center jobs.

Make Money with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is very lucrative paradigm. One bitcoin worth $1000+ now a days. Working on bitcoin is very easy and profitable. I my self is working on these sites and I recommend you to work on these sites as well

You don’t know about bitcoin and want to understand it. Don’t worry I will tell you in detail. I had created a complete post on what is bitcoin and how you can make money with bitcoins. No skills required.

This is the simplest overview of possible online or part-time jobs for students, employed or unemployed persons, men and women of all cities of Pakistan, and also the links to detail information and websites providing these jobs are included in this post. You have read the article on online jobs in Pakistan for students without investment. If you have any confusion, you can ask me in comments. Now it’s your turn to take action and make money.

Hope you like this post, and it helps you in getting your online jobs in Pakistan. Keep share this with your friends and family on social media.


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