Make Money with Bitcoin

Today I am going to tell you a great way of making huge passive earning method. Bitcoin is an e-currency whose current worth is $745.

Let us get started with little bit of introduction. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which is proposed by software developer called Satoshi Nakamoto. It is decentralized and independent currency solution. It is not controlled by any government or anybody.

Back in 2009, its starting year, 1 bitcoin was of few cents, and now its equal to $745. I am quoting one interesting thing, in January 2013 1 bitcoin was approximately equal to $4 and within 6 months it reaches to $710. So If you invested $4 in Jan, 2013 you could get the profit of $706 within 6 months. A profit of 17600% percent. HUGE AMOUNT.

That was just for your interest and to show you the capability of profit in bitcoins. Bitcoins still have great potential, and experts are expecting that it can cross $1000 line easily

UpDate: Bitcoin current price is $2500

Bitcoin Earning

Now this is the right time to work in Bitcoins and make our future secure. Let’s get started. We first start with bitcoin system.

The smallest unit of bitcoin is Satoshi, like the smallest unit of Pakistani Rupees is Paisa.

1 BTC=100,000,000 Satoshi

10 crore satoshi makes 1 bitcoin

Now understand how we write satoshi

0.00000001 = 1 Satoshi

0.00050000 = 50 thousand Satoshi

0.90000000= 9 Crore Satoshi

1.00000000= 10 Crore Satoshi= 1 Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wallet

First thing you need is a bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallet is a website which store your bitcoins which you purchased or earned free. This is simple concept like your wallet/ purse. There are many wallets available but I recommend you coinbase since its more secure and completely free. To create your account click on this link.

As we created the wallet now we need bitcoins. There are two methods of earning. First is through bitcoin faucets and second is bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are the websites which gives free satoshi after fixed time. This time can be 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour or 1 day. This is not like the pay to click. You can easily withdrawal these satoshi in your bitcoin wallet. Below is the list of faucets which are real, paying and best in the market. I am also working on these faucets, so you can join without any doubt.


A router is a site consist of many faucets. Its easy to make satoshi with router. I am currently working on EPay. You are also advised to join it.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is basically the generation of bitcoins. Mining bitcoin requires lots of experience, investment, equipment, technical knowledge, and staff. It very difficult for us to mine. But there are lots of companies and websites who created their setup and offer us profit on investment. Timing is very important in mining. Invest in sites and try to take your profit back as soon as it reaches to minimum withdrawal limit.

It is time to invest time and money in bitcoins and make handsome passive earning. Comment below for any query in your mind. If you already working in bitcoin or know any good faucet, router or mining sites in which you invested and received payments, share your experience with this community. Help each other.

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